Pathological breath

Abnormal breathing is usually in the form of the depth, frequency and rhythm of breathing. Increased respiration - tachypnea (see) and ischemia - bradypnoea (see) arise in violation of the excitability of the respiratory center. To periodic types of breathing, resulting in the destruction of the balance between excitation and braking in the Central nervous system are the breath of Cheyne - Stokes equations, biocosme, Kussmaul.
Breath of Cheyne-Stokes - surface and rare respiratory movements become deeper and more and after a maximum weaken again and ariaudo. After it consists in switching breaks the cycle repeats again. Occurs in severe pathological processes: poor circulation, bleeding in the brain, the brain disease, uraemic and diabetic coma, various intoxications, etc.
Biocosme breath - striping deep breaths with long pauses before Ug minutes Occurs when different comatose States, and always indicates a serious prognosis.
Great breath of Kussmaul - gusts of convulsive, deep breaths, audible in the distance. Characteristic of terminal States.
Apnea is prolonged absence of respiratory movements. Comes a man after forced respiration and by the weakening of irritation of the respiratory centre because of low voltage of carbon dioxide in the alveolar air and blood.