Full yoga breath"

Exercise 2. The main exercise (full breath) is a disciple standing, sitting or lying down (optional) after development during the month preparatory exercises for beginners. Through this exercise, "quickened" all the torso involved. By direct wave movements associated with inhalation and exhalation of air, achieved full balance of the body.
This set of exercises is carried out so. First is the original exhale, then slow breath through both nostrils within the required time - interleaved and connects respectively lower, middle and upper breathing in continuous wave-like movement of the body: primarily the rise collarbone and shoulders, ribs and then finally stuck out his stomach. At this point abdominal wall is already slightly stretched, so is exhalation in the reverse order: first drawn abdominal wall, then compressed ribs and down the collarbone and shoulders, the air comes through the nose. Between breath and the next breath, you can hold your breath (empty lungs), until there is a natural desire to make the breath. This cycle of breathing is called one the pranayama. The following pranayama is the opposite of the first one... and so on - it is necessary to alternate them one by one for 25-30 minutes
Having finished this complex, it is useful to make a slow deep breath all light, while breathing through both nostrils. Do it exercise 5 min, lying with his hands under his head, "knowledge": a breath - feel the movement of air from his nostrils to the complete filling of the lungs with prana, waste generation air - all the way "seen" in the opposite direction.
In our country, India and some European countries known doctors have long experiment with full rhythmic breathing yogis and achieved amazing results (especially in the presence of high pressure, disorders of cardiac activity and others).
Unfortunately, the narrow specialization of the branches of medical science have led to the treatment in the main parts of the human body. It does not take into account: the main thing: that the human body is an indivisible whole and often minor illness in one of his frequent is responsible for the appearance of the disease in other parts or disease of the whole body. And if we have damaged any organ, every part of our body (from the brain to the last cell) changes and becomes different from the same parts in a healthy person. Ultimately healing comes not from exposure to chemicals, and by the forces of the organism itself. Therefore, it is only necessary to help the person to perform his characteristic function is to coordinate the activities of all bodies, restore them to a healthy start.
If yoga exercises, and first of all breathing exercises for beginners has a healing power for the sick, how much stronger the effect they will have to provide people with a healthy body and a healthy mind! Such a person will be perfectly healthy, acquiring immune to all diseases, it will be able to handle any of life's difficulties and will make happy yourself and others. Full yoga breath" is the basis of all further exercises for regulation of respiration, which is the development of this method. The full effect of "yoga breathing" of incalculable, it is useful for patients and healthy. Such breathing can be a special exercise, and become a permanent method of breathing. Accustomed to breathe thus, man acquires in the end, sustainable peace of mind and such a perfect discipline that nothing can make him lose control.
Full yoga breath" (main activity) may be made within one month.