"Breath is in focus (alternate)

There is ample literature, which describes some of exercises intended for the treatment of relevant diseases, even incurable in ordinary clinical conditions...
We shall stop only on those complexes do that provide not only a strong health, longevity, but also contribute to the development of mental powers of man. These exercises is "Breath in focus. It is a complex of breathing exercises, consisting of the following versions of them: exercise 3 - preparatory activity 4 - main with the "visualization", exercise 5 - "the Swinging of the pendulum".
"Breath in focus" (alternative - breath separate nostrils)

A variety of breathing exercises Types of breaths Time and duration of exercise Additional information
Exercise 3. Preliminary exercise (PU) - for the exercise of the right and left lung turn Breathe alternately left and right nostrils Within a few minutes of exercise a few days - at first, we should not throw perform a full DN You need to learn alternately to lie on the other side, holding the appropriate nostril with the thumb; to breathe sitting, hugging the pillow hand to disabled side; to breathe without the use of artificial means, in addition to the weak pressing the right side with his elbow and a small slope in the same direction
Exercise 4. The main exercise is to generate positive energy currents (inhalation right nostril) and withdrawal negative currents (exhalation left nostril) Breathe alternately: a) to start breath left nostril b) hold your breath in) to finish an exhalation from the right nostril, and so on (constantly changing direction of breath) Do exercise daily for 0.5-1 hours (in two stages), setting the rhythm of the coldest month of the month: the first breath (4), delay (16 C), expiration (8); the second breath (8), delay (32 C), expiration (16); the third breath (16 C), delay (64), expiration (32) You must learn to breathe each nostril separately without the help of fingers, first bending the tip of the nose with a finger in the desired direction; to do exercise, being concentrated (better in the attitude of "Padmasana and consciously with the "image"); in the first month you need to do pranayama twice: in the morning and evening (15 min in the first decade of the month, and later by 30 minutes per cycle); in the following months, the duration of each cycle should be increased to 45 minutes or need to do Doo 3-4 times a day
Breathe in reverse order:a) to start the breath right nostril b) to finish an exhalation from the left nostril) hold your breath and so on (thus it is necessary to change the direction of breath) Time breathing (cycle) - 10 min: inhalation (4), expiration (8), delay (16) - you can increase the cycle time respectively: 8C - 16C - 32C
Exercise 5. "The swinging of the pendulum" (RM) - for the development of meditative qualities To breathe with both nostrils Exercise to do about 10 min 2 times a day Applies a special breathing technique

Preparatory work is done according to "Exercise 3" in a few days for 5-10 minutes with the aim of training the right and left lung. After a complete its development, you can begin to implement the main breathing exercises for beginners separate nostrils "contemplation".