Alternative breath

Exercise 3. Preliminary exercise to alternative breath (single nostrils) should be performed several days. Breathing is alternating right and left nostrils and Vice versa. To this end should alternately to lie on one, then the other side, holding the appropriate nostril with the thumb. This is done sitting: need to breathe, pressing the pillow hand to disabled side. Finally, you can learn to breathe without the use of artificial means, in addition to the weak cuddling right side with his elbow and a small incline in that direction. Exercise is done in a few minutes.
The main exercise should be done in a pose "Padmasana". This provision helps to calm and proper use of prana in the body. Sitting in chairs in the typical for the European population pose) harmful because of pressure on the legs and buttocks, causing stagnation of blood in the abdominal and genitals.
Starting the implementation of the main exercise, do not torment yourself in vain trying to sit in a posture of "Padmasana, if it is impossible for you. Rather sit in a chair or on the sofa facing East, holding the neck and back on the same vertical line and looking straight ahead (it is desirable to close my eyes). This cross your legs, laying right on top of the left, and twist your fingers, resting his big fingers into each other and putting them so at the end of a trunk is the navel.
This position gives a unique sense of firmness and helps to save energy by electric circuit loop body (life-giving animal magnetism person goes through his limbs and concentrated only in a closed system).
The main breathing exercise requires strict timing and not the duration of breathing. This is mandatory mental rhythmic saying the mantra "om", the duration of which corresponds to approximately one second (one shock pulse). - When performing breathing exercises should remember that at first the long delay of breath (with air or without it) can have a detrimental effect on the lungs and lead to abnormal stretching lung tissue (emphysema). Initially, therefore, do not need to fill them up with air to the limit, and must learn rhythmically and slowly widen the aperture of the abdomen and partly light with the above preparatory exercises for beginners.
Fulfilling the main breathing exercise, you should fill your lungs with air gradually, daily increasing their load. Exercise pranayamas must always be supplemented with "mental image".
Remember that with breath (from the air, or without it) not what to think, except the prescribed procedures. The slightest distraction of thought (even for a split second) may shorten the duration of breath-holding, for a side thought, as though volumetric material body, fills a certain part of the body. In this case, we need to take a deep breath and continue to do pranayama with the initial cycle. You can also walk a few minutes in the fresh air, look at the sky, the clouds, that is distracted, or, according to yoga, you need to close your eyes and imagine a yellow sun with white letters "MD" inside and a blue sky, and the need to repeat the syllable "om" (6-8 times).