Breathing exercise 4

Exercise 4. After washing and cleansing of your nostrils, you can start preparing for this exercise for beginners . Before you begin any exercise, you need a few minutes to think about the benefits of daily run it, that you can not imagine my life without this remarkably pleasant occupation.
The order of execution. You need to sit down face to the East (for example, in the attitude of "Padmasana"), on the Mat (or, legs crossed, in the chair); to send a blessing with a bow all beings, consistently turning to the East-South-West-North, up and down, and focus on the benefits of breathing exercises. Then, his eyes closed, imagine at the end of his range (horizontal ground) glittering as gold triangle on the entire plane (acute angle to the coccyx), surrounded by flames and contains inside the sleeping snake, coiled ring, head to the tailbone. After a few seconds you will be able to clearly feel this place on the body (this should always begin execution of the main exercise).
After the preparatory procedures you can perform main exercises. To do this, place the index finger of the right hand in the centre of the forehead and close the right nostril with your thumb of the same hand, and through the left nostril inhale over time, equal to four strokes pulse (or four seconds), accompanying breath four repetitions of "om". As you inhale, consistently fill with air body (chest, hips, stomach), mentally send a current of prana through the nostril on the left side of the spinal cord to the burning of the triangle (Muladhara), in which the air must come directly to the tailbone.
Then hold down the left nostril with the little finger of the right hand and hold your breath on 16 (16 repetitions of "om").
After each repetition of the mantra "om" have the force of the punch "mind's current of prana" on the head of a coiled snake, thinking about its revival in this way (in the beginning it is possible to count the number of these "shocks", later you will not need it). Then, without interrupting the mental image, open the right nostril and, while holding the left little finger, exhale the air for 8 (8 repetitions of the mantra "om"), introducing themselves as conductors (accompany) from coccyx current of prana in the right side of the spinal cord through the right nostril.
The second pranayama should be performed immediately after the first, but in the reverse order, and the way to do it alternately. It should be remembered, "the brighter the imagination, the more likely the result." At first you need to make a minimum number of pranayamas, and then to gradually increase their number up to the norm. For the tech who have very weak light, shutter speed, you can do first 16 and 9, then - 12 finally, 16 S. Later (after a month of practice DU) cycle time working pranayamas (4-16-8 with) is to be doubled (8-32-16 with) and you can still double (16-64-32 C), which is optional for non-professional yoga.
The number of pranayamas, running daily, should correspond to 108, i.e. have some time to do 26 or 28 pranayamas in one step 4 times a day. In the beginning (first month), this exercise is done 2 times a day (morning and evening) for 15 min at full cycle, and then for 30 minutes or 15 minutes 4 times a day.
After each pranayamas for 10 minutes is a "reverse" exercise "image", but with the rhythm 4-8-16 with (inhale - exhale - held alternately). The first pranayama this DN should start with the left nostril, and the second on the right, then both nostrils, and so on, repeating the whole cycle in the same order. You can then increase the duration of breathing.
At full development of pranayamas with the "visualization" (with the largest duration rhythm playing) should not forget that this exercise should be performed throughout life and (preferably) without breaks (with the purpose of maintaining good health - 2 times a day: morning and evening). This pranayama useful to do before expected for the body overload (for example, severe mental or physical work, sexual intercourse and other)" and also to relieve fatigue after any overload the body, eliminate itching, bad mood, etc.
Those who presumes not to stop there and wants to start the further development of yoga exercises (go to the next stage "first path"), you must exercise 5, which is called "Swing of the pendulum" (PL. 6). It may start around the time when you began to perform exercises for beginners 4, and you should perform it until, until you reach the "opening of the third eye - the eye of intuition", which is like the eyebrows.
The main exercise is done daily by 108 pranayamas. When you receive the desired results it is important exercise can be done 2-3 times a day until the end of life. The pranayama is best done in the forest, on the Bank of the pond in the Park. Currently, the pranayama should be performed during 5 minutes each day due to environmental and social problems.