Breathing exercise 5

Exercise 5. You sit up straight, eyes closed (if possible, in the attitude of "Padmasana"), breathe rhythmically, evenly, deep breathing through both nostrils.
Imagine yourself as a swinging pendulum: a single swing of his long breath, the other is a long exhalation. On each scale "pendulum" stretch the mantra "om", trying to squeeze the tip of the tongue to the sky and think about your unity with the vast Universe, while mentally watching her swaying movements and focusing on the brow distance forehead, while seeking somewhere up. After a few seconds you'll feel the wonderful unity of the world, perfectly tangible (feeling is somewhere in the throat and resembles a ball, driving sometimes with a "scratch" to the throat sometimes felt clicks in the ears). The feeling is indicative of the impact of exercise on the human body (if not, then you are wasting your time).
First, try to repeat once the mantra "om" for each "swing of the pendulum" when breathing. When the feeling in the throat begins to diminish, start to stretch (do it deeper) the scope of one of the breath on the spoken twice a sound combination of "om", then 3 or 4 times (the body develops a resistance to any irritation - either internal or external, so over time this feeling is beginning to wane, however, continue to exercise). However the most important strict uniformity scale "pendulum". The clearer you are, this semi-circular sweep before his eyes, the will be more rhythmic breathing and stronger action.
For further perfection of man, the rhythm of breathing became natural. Need time, and not only at specific times, this exercise (it is more powerful than others, so run it several times a day is not enough). At first you should do this exercise 5-10 minutes (at a time), then you can increase the length of its implementation. Exercise 5, you can stop doing only after reaching the stage of opening the third eye".
To perform various options breathing exercises for beginners during the day (especially medical-preventive character) recommended morning or evening (before dinner), but never to do it with a full stomach. You should not engage in these exercises just before bedtime, as it absorbed during pranayamas and exciting asanas oxygen and prana cause so refreshing effect that after their execution man is hard to sleep.
The above exercises for beginners at the correct, full and regular their implementation, as well as the absence of systematic mental and physical overload, should over time to let the person is fully immersed in his inner world, when nothing external will be able to take him out of this state. The person may not be heard gunshots and noise, not to see anything around, not to feel pain, etc., Such a state is familiar to scientists and specialists, enthusiastic and creative idea and its implementation.
Doing these exercises will give people the opportunity to maintain or acquire strong health, sustainable cheerful mood, will allow to overcome stressful situations and prolong life.