Echinopsis (Echinopsinum; list a) - stimulant; alkaloid from the seeds of the globe-Thistle ordinary. The pharmacological properties close to strychnine (see).
Apply with muscle wasting, peripheral paralysis, asthenic condition, as well as with the atrophy of the optic nerve. Assign Echinopsis inside in the form of 1% solution 10-20 drops 2 times a day under the skin or 1 ml of 0.4% solution of 1 per day. The course of treatment is 20-30 days.
Echinopsis contraindicated in hypertension, angina, atherosclerosis, graves ' disease, as well as the tendency to convulsive reactions.
Method of production: 1% solution in vials to 30 ml, 0.4% solution in sealed to 1 ml Remain in the dark glass jars in a cool place.
Cm. also Stimulants nervous activity.