aktimaAktima is streptococcal skin lesion. Aktima begins with education bladder with purulent or purulent-bloody exudatein a few days drying up in the crust, the withdrawal of which is found deep painful ulcer with steep edges and uneven bottom, covered with pus surrounded by like a ring of hyperemia. Ulcer heals after 2-3 weeks pigmented scars. At the lowered resistance to disease becomes chronic. Aktima more often localized on the skin of the lower limbs and buttocks, aided traumas, scratches.
Treatment: the bubble to open, lubricate aniline dye and disinfectant ointment (5% white mercury, 10% Ichthyol and others). The chronic course of actime - biomitsin, tetracycline 0.2 g or sulfadimezin by 1.0 g 4 times a day, autohemotherapy, multivitamins. Prevention - see Pyoderma.

Aktima (ecthyma vulgare; from the Greek. ekthyma - pustule) - pyogenic skin disease caused by Streptococcus, rarely Staphylococcus. Starts with education in thicker skin small inflammatory infiltrate, the surface of which there is a bubble size from a pea to hazelnut with purulent or purulent-bloody contents. Later from the contents of a bubble formed a dense yellowish-brown crust, which lasts for several weeks. When removing the cover exposed oval ulcer inflamed edges and purulent bottom, healing superficial scar. Actime can be single or by autoinoculation multiple. The preferential localization: lower legs, buttocks, lower back. Aktima often develops in people with disabilities, chronic diseases (diabetes, tuberculosis, vitamin a, C), as a complication of itching dermatoses (scabies, pocesuha), with rampant. The disease is favored cooling, congestion, injury, sweating. In the long course actime in chronic pyococcal ulcer. The weakened newborns and children of early age aktima becomes deeply penetrating ulcers (ecthyma terebrans infantum). Vulgar actimo should be differentiated from syphilitic of actime and cutaneous leishmaniasis. Treatment: disinfectants and necrotic ointment (sulfa, white mercury, syntomycin, dermatology) in concentration 3-10%; weak granulating achimah - dushirovanie silver nitrate, UV-irradiation. When multiple achimah shown antibiotics, autohemotherapy.