senile ectropion (ectropion)Ectropion (ectropion) - pathology provisions age at which the edge of the century behind the eyeball, or even turn so that exposed the conjunctiva.
There are ectropion scar, spastic, paralytic and senile. To the formation of scar eversion century lead burns, wounds, some diseases, causing scarring of the skin age (lupus, and others). Spastic ectropion is caused by the reduction of the orbital part of the circular muscles of the eye inflammatory disease of the conjunctiva and cornea, is more common in children. Paralytic eversion is observed only on the lower eyelid, comes as a result of the paralysis of the facial nerve. Senile ectropion (Fig) - the senile atrophy circular muscles of the eye. Ectropion is accompanied by watery eyes. Conjunctiva hyperemic and often thickened. May develop keratitis (see) with further clouding of the cornea.
Surgical treatment; in spastic ectropion century is the treatment of the underlying disease.