Unity and planning of the Soviet health

Unity and planning of the Soviet health care is provided by the fact that all medical and sanitary-epidemiological institutions, which are included into system of the Ministry of health of the USSR and other agencies work according to the unified national economic plan, single methods and they face the same task of the state importance - to provide protection of the health of the population, to reduce morbidity, mortality and increase life expectancy by conducting preventive measures, improvement of the external environment, work and life. The introduction of free medical care have not yet solved this great socio-economic issue. It was necessary to ensure that medical care in our country was publicly available. Therefore, party, Soviet authorities and health authorities are constantly striving to develop a network of hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and other medical institutions, so that every citizen of our country has been provided medical assistance under outpatient and inpatient conditions.
Network of medical institutions has been deployed and where it previously didn't have, for example in the Central Asian republics, the Far North and the Far East. Free use and availability of medical care is very important factors of public services. They are provided by the development of a network of health care facilities, adequate training of doctors and nurses. Training of physicians and pharmacists is carried out in the USSR in 91 of higher medical and pharmaceutical education institution, and nurses are prepared in 667 medical schools.
However, not less important is the expertise of this assistance. Currently, workers can satisfy only highly qualified specialized medical assistance. Health authorities therefore makes every effort to constantly improve their qualifications and to improve the knowledge of health workers in accordance with modern level of Soviet and world medical science and practice. For specialization and advanced training of physicians in our country created 13 institutes and 17 faculties improvements in medical institutions. Improvement of knowledge of doctors and nurses is held in Republican, regional, oblast and city hospitals.
Congresses, conferences, scientific medical society, the abundance of various modern medical literature, including magazines, play a great role in training and advanced training of doctors and nurses.