How to preserve the effect of secondary prevention

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Great value for those suffering from ischemic heart disease and essential hypertension has a complete refusal from Smoking and alcohol consumption, as these risk factors can resume angina and high blood pressure.
Proper organization of work and life after returning patients with resort has an equally important for diseases of the joints and spine. Now firmly established that in the mechanism of development of these diseases are of significant concern various violations functions of the adaptive systems of the body, and especially the Central nervous pituitary-adrenal and of sympathetic-adrenal system. And their condition will depend, will develop if the immune inflammation in the border sympathetic trunks of the spine, intervertebral joints, in synovial inner lining of joints or they will confront the disease.
Since the trigger mechanism of these violations is aggravation of focal infections of the tonsils, sinuses, urinary system, in the intestine, especially in ulcerative colitis, the task of the doctor and the patient is to prevent the exacerbation of focal infections in the increase of resistibility of an organism of the patient to the harmful environmental factors.
Proceeding from these moments resorts apply on appropriate methodologies sulfide or radon, iodine-bromine or nitrogen-radon baths, mud both locally and in the lumbar region of the spine or in combination with curative gymnastics, mechanotherapy, massage. With the active process include medications or high frequency electromagnetic waves. These effects contribute to reduction or remission of immune inflammation, the disappearance of inflammatory edema, pain, improve motor function of joints and spine.
Uregulirovanie functions, adaptive systems, the weakening of the inflammatory process and improvement of motor activity increase the overall resistance and ability to work of the patients.
Every patient must remember that these changes are ongoing in the body and in molekularna period, and if he does not want the occurrence of the failure of these beneficial processes, it is necessary to observe strictly rational way of life. Important is the elimination of the causes that can cause acute focal infection. It is necessary to avoid exposure of the body that may primarily be the cause catarrhal phenomena in the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, including the sinuses, tonsils, and to strengthen focal infection. As it is starting mechanism disorders functions regulation of adaptive systems, the treatment of infectious foci helps to strengthen these systems.
In order to improve the overall resilience of the organism needs at home and carry out medical and industrial gymnastics in the morning, afternoon and evening, and wet wiping. Developed with their help the conditioned reflex communications have a positive impact on hypophysis-adrenal, sympathetic-adrenalovy system, maintain a certain level of anti-inflammatory hormones and the nervous mediators in the blood, have a substantial impact on the state of the internal environment of the body.