How to preserve the effect of secondary prevention

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Experience shows that if the patient complies with the rational regime of work, rest, nutrition, seeks to eliminate the various risk factors does not neglect exercise, the body is functioning normally. In normal life, some people cortical cells are stressed, others have a rest, others are discharged. This contributes rhythmic activity of the cerebral cortex and rational support of all vital functions of the organism.
Properly constructed mode of life in the broad sense of this word becomes important biomedical, socio-economic importance and grows into a separate problem. It includes very important issues concerning the measures aimed at maintaining therapeutic and preventive effect, including in the resort, resort, prevent the occurrence of exacerbations of various diseases and improvement of work capacity of people after resort on longer terms.
Scientific studies in recent years suggest that the effects on the body natural therapeutic factors affect not only in the process of staying at resorts and in sanatoriums, but continue in the next 2-4 months at home. Therefore, we must bear in mind that in the period of stabilization functions of the body adverse moments (hypothermia, psycho-emotional trauma, physical overload, infringement of a mode of life) may cause aggravation of the main disease, reduce productivity and increase temporary disability. This should especially be taken into account when rheumatic heart disease, hypertensive disease, ischemic heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers, inflammatory and functional diseases of the biliary system, intestine, which exacerbations may contribute to the progression of the disease and cause the necessity of translation of a part of patients with premature disability.
The mechanism of occurrence of such exacerbations very complex and difficult to explain. However, the essence of these transformations, the patient should imagine to consciously address the above points.
For example, a patient suffering from chronic ischemic heart disease, returned home from the resort, where he received the air baths, dosed walking on the path, Narzan baths and individual mode. For brevity, it should be emphasized that under the influence of this treatment-and-prophylactic complex comes slow heart rate, especially during the reception of carbon dioxide baths, which have phagotrophy effect, heart during diastole more rest and improve the blood supply to the heart muscle, transport, energy, plastic materials and especially oxygen to muscle cells. In the result of increased oxidative processes in cells, improve metabolism, resulting in increases myocardial contractility.
Favourable changes in cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, as well as the weakening of neurotic reactions at rationally constructed mode lead to the disappearance or weakening of myocardial ischemia and to promote health. Patients have a good mood, they cease to feel your heart, to actively move, decreases dyspnea, pain disappear. They returned home in a state of restored health.
Because humans are traces the steps of resort factors, patients with ischemic heart disease and essential hypertension is necessary to observe the house motor and sanitary-hygienic regime, which was mastered them at the resort. These patients should not forget about the necessity of physical activity. The weekend they definitely need to spend in the country. In winter it is advisable to go in for skiing, in summer to swim, more walk in the fresh air and enjoy nature. This will contribute to the training of the cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary system, oxygenation, to tone the nervous system.