Afinogenov acid

Afinogenov acid (paired glucuronic acid, glucosideuronic acid) connection glucuronic acid formed from its polyacetylenes (glycosides) hydroxyl group and gidrookisi any other substance.
In the animal organism Afinogenov acid is formed in the liver with corticosteroids, testosterones, estrogens, epinephrine and norepinephrine, thyroxine, bilirubin, phenol, cresol and other Many medicinal substances (camphor, fenilsalitsilat, antipyrine, chloral hydrate, menthol and other) in the body also become Afinogenov acid.
Biological importance of education in the body fireplacedenver acids is to neutralize physiological activity or toxicity of certain substances.
Formed Afinogenov acid in most cases are from the body with urine. In the gut by the action of bacteria on tyrosine formed toxically phenol, cresol, which after absorption from the intestines to the liver become Afinogenov acid and excreted from the body with urine. For reinforcement of the processes of decay in the urine finallymoonbow and krasagromol acids greatly increased. Introduction into the organism of the above drugs is also accompanied by the allocation of appropriate fireplacedenver acid with the urine.
Biosynthesis fireplacedenver acids in animal organism is carried out with the direct interaction urediniospores acid, which in turn apyrogenous acid, with the corresponding substance, conjugating with glukuronova acid.
Widespread in animal tissues of the body, the enzyme b-glucuronidase shall hydrolysis fireplacedenver acids education free glukuronova acid (see) and the corresponding second component of this source apyrogenous acid. Preparations beta-glucuronidase used in the analysis of fireplacedenver acids.