Efrosinya acid

Efrosinya acid (paired Efrosinya acid - esters of sulfuric acid with various phenols - products of food in the intestine.
Education Efrosinya acids occurs mainly in the liver and, possibly, in the spleen and leads to neutralization of toxic phenols. Efrosinya acid are excreted from the body mainly with urine; a small number of them found in sweat, bile, blood serum, sebum sheep, and in the urine of people of all ages. The content Efrosinya acids in the urine strongly varies even in normal conditions depending on food; the selection Efrosinya acids increases with amplification of putrefaction in the intestines, with abscesses, gangrene, the collapse of tumors, etc.,
In a free form Efrosinya acids are very unstable; in the urine they are mainly in the form of potassium salts. The latter is well crystallize, easily soluble in water, insoluble in cold alcohol. Most often there are salt krasosanai (CH3TO6H4O·SO2·OK) and fenoterol (6N5O·SO2·OK) acids. The number prevails krasosana acid. Financera acid as the potassium salt is found in high concentrations in human urine; its content is increased with the introduction of phenol or Lysol per os and in case of the use of phenol with the bandage. Krasosana acid found in human urine mainly in the form of n-isomer, and on-isomer.