The Aikman environment

The Aikman environment (C. Eijkman). 1. Glucose peptone medium for primary accumulation of Escherichia coli bacteriological determination of the number of the title of drinking water. Is used at temperature 42-45 degrees. Consists of 100 g peptone, 100 g glucose 50 g NaCl and 1000 ml distilled water (pH 7,4-7,6). Wednesday sterilized at temperature of 110 degrees 30 minutes and spill in bottles or tubes with glass floats in such quantities that after adding defined amounts of investigated water concentration peptone was 1%. For example, in bottles for planting 100 ml of water poured 14 ml environment; for planting 50 ml to 7 ml; for planting to 10 ml in vials poured 2.5 ml environment and 7 ml of tested water.
2. Environment for detection of proteolytic activity of the germ is prepared as follows. Molten 2% massoperenosa the agar add 20% sterile milk. All mix thoroughly and pour into Petri dishes.
Frozen agar in the cups should have uniformly cloudy appearance. Fat-free (skim) milk should be sterilized separately. For sterilization with agar milk may be falling flakes and uniform distribution in the environment is not achieved. In this environment around grown colonies of bacteria with proteolytic activity, formation of transparent areas, the width of which depends on the activity of hydrolysis of milk proteins. Cm. also Nutrient medium.