Ejaculation is ejaculation in men, throwing secretion of the glands of the cervix and Bartholin glands in women during sexual intercourse.
Ejaculation in men starts with throwing in the posterior urethra sperm and the secret of the prostate. The eruption out promotes released the secret of the seminal vesicles, which increase ejaculate volume and which, as it pushes before the first part of ejaculate. In the act of ejaculation participate muscles of the urethra and the perineum. Ejaculation is accompanied by a separate, involuntary, gradually damped by contractions of the muscles of the body and orgasm (the sensation of sweetness).
Ejaculation in women occurs simultaneously with the orgasm. Reduction of the vagina, uterus, and especially cervical lead to the expulsion of external OS of uterus of a small amount of mucus and secret. The volume of the genital organs after ejaculation is reduced and is gradually coming to normal. Cm. also Coitus.