Methods of registration of ECG

Esophageal lead. For the best reception of the potentials of the Atria and the back surface of the ventricles, it was proposed to use esophageal derivations. Differently electrode in the esophageal leads is enclosed in rubber tube thin flexible conductor, ending a small olive tree. Indifferent electrode form a connection of electrodes placed on a limb.
Indifferent electrode connected to a wire ECG machine for the right hand, and differently - with wire for left hand. Switch lead ECG recorder installed on the I lead. Differently electrode is injected into the esophagus, olive installed at a distance of 30-35 cm from the upper incisors. In this situation Oliva is located on level fibrillation is a single - pole esophageal atrial lead.
If you place the olive below, at a distance of 40-50 cm from the upper incisors, it is located at the level of poly - pole esophageal ventricular lead. Indicate esophageal lead Latin letter E (or Russian PM). The figure below is the distance in centimeters differentage electrode from the upper incisors.