What are gifted psychics?

Djuna Davitashviliin recent years, started to talk about psychics are people with extremely high sensitivity, in particular the ability to diagnose patients, offering a hand to their body. Particularly renowned for Eugene (Jun) Davitashvili - masseuse one of the Moscow hospitals. Convened a special medical Commission, which tried to estimate the diagnostic capabilities of June.
Of course, in the cohort of psychics gets a large number of quacks and charlatans who use different channels to preliminary information on the patient, where they will be examined. However, there are, so to say, the true psychics who act quite honestly. In these rare cases, the case is, apparently, again about sophisticated temperature sensitivity. Various points of the body have different temperatures, and over the sick body it may be considerably higher, than in other places (especially in the pathology of an inflammatory nature). Special devices - cameras - state the different thermal radiation of different areas of the body clearly. Such local differences in body temperature, obviously, and catch psychics, as a kind of living imagers.
Of course, psychics are not limited to diagnosis, because for one it is impossible to receive a fee. They actively undertake to treat patients. Here we come to the following group of parapsychological phenomena is to extramadura impact.