Bladder extrophy

Bladder extrophy of the bladder is a congenital cleft of the front abdominal wall and covers. Typically, when this anomaly is observed a significant difference to the pubic bone, no navel, cryptorchidism and aplasia of the prostate (Fig. 62).
Clinical picture: the bladder wall, covered with dark red velvet mucosa that protrudes through a defect in the abdominal muscles. Of the mouths of the ureters intervals excreted urine. The continuing incontinence. The skin on the thighs and genitals exposed maceration and chronic inflammation.
Diagnosis is simple, the disease is already recognized during examination of the patient.
For the treatment offered numerous operations. They seek to restore cavity bladder by stitching refreshed non-consolidation of its edges or by closing the defect skin, or of skin-muscle flap of the abdominal wall and the restoration of sphincter.
The most effective operation of the bladder completely in the sigmoid colon (operation Mikhelson). This activity is best done in the age of 1-2 years.