Ectopia the mouth of the ureter

The anomalies of the upper urinary tract is also ectopia the mouth of the ureter, when it opens to the outside of the bubble: the women in the vulva, vagina, uterus, or urethra in men - in seminal vesicle or the ductus deferens. This anomaly is much more common in women, generally recognized in childhood or young age. Women actophilornis ureter causes permanent incontinence from birth, men for the most part do not cause any symptoms, rarely phenomenon of hydronephrosis or disorders of sexual function.
Extravesical location ureter mouth more often (70%) is observed in the doubling of the ureter, less frequently (30%)-by nerastvorim the ureter. Due to the short period actophilornis the mouth of the ureter and pelvis expanded, renal parenchyma atrophic (hydrometeors).
The typical picture of the disease - a constant flow of urine, along with the normal urination.
The diagnosis is based on history, discovery actophilornis mouth or by using panoretrograph (Fig. 55).

ectopia the mouth of the ureter
Fig. 55. Ectopia the mouth of the ureter.

The treatment involves the transplantation actophilornis of the ureter into the bladder, if kidney function or the corresponding half of it saved. This is rare.
Usually have to remove the kidney or repetirovali half of it (with the double kidney).