Eczematoid is a kind of eritematosnaya skin lesion, characterized by eruption of various sizes pink spots round or oval shape, the surface of which to the border with healthy skin covered the pityriasis, melkoplodnyj scales. By poskablivanii identify certain point abrasion separating droplets of serous exudate. The number of spots varies, usually multiple. Usually localized on the trunk and extremities, and rarely on the neck, face and scalp, stains in some cases, merge, occupying large areas of the skin, accompanied by itching.
The disease begins abruptly, over the course of his long and prone to relapse. Eczematoid more likely to occur again in patients with superficial forms piodermitov (chronic pyococcal epidermolytic, intertriginoznoy streptoderma), microbial eczema, disgestrotical form of plicarum, less likely to develop initially, but in such cases it cannot communicate with the hidden focal infectious focus (chronic tonsillitis, carious teeth, chronic appendicitis and others). Sometimes there is a transformation in the typical patchy eczema.
Histopathological in the epidermis moderate acanthosis, parakeratosis, and in subulate layer separate foci of spongiosa, sometimes forming a shallow cavity. Among the epithelial cells of the large number of migrating lymph and white blood cells. In the papillary layer of derma swelling and perivascular infiltration.
The etiology and pathogenesis is not installed. Suppose that eczematoid is an abortifacient form of microbial eczema, caused skin sensitization to pyococcal or their degradation products, outgoing from the main focus of skin lesions or hidden focal lesion. In recognition should be borne in mind psoriasis, plaque parapsoriasis, herpes pink.
Treatment. In the acute initial period designate 1% Ichthyol the mixture is shaken or water solution of one of aniline dyes. Gradually blurring 5% of pornogateway, later 2-5% tar paste. At the same time treat the primary lesion of the skin. From the funds of the General therapy, intravenous infusion of calcium chloride.