How to maintain skin elasticity for weight loss

It is no secret that losing weight, especially sharp turns to women loss of elasticity, sagging and loose skin. In this small article, learn how to avoid these troubles.
How many pounds can reset a week whether to eat fats, water, water and beauty treatments - these and other issues - specially for You, in a comprehensible and accessible form.

Every woman starting a diet, dreams about the elegant forms and toned figure. But the perspective to exchange unwanted fat saggy skin does not appeal to anybody! However, even a substantial weight loss does not mean that perfect body will have you in the pocket. Very often, when parting with excess weight, women are faced with another problem: loose skin.

Basically it threatens the ladies over thirty years abroad. At this age, the skin begins to lose youthful firmness and elasticity, with the most noticeable changes occur in the face and neck, hands and inner thigh.

Of course, this situation is radical output: plastic surgery. However, specialists recommend to wait 1 or 2 years, before deciding on the "cutting off" of everything unnecessary. During this time the body will try to make progress in getting rid natural provided by the nature of ways, and you can help him in this. Because to go "under the knife", despite the apparent ease decisions, potentially dangerous and expensive "pleasure". In any case, to do it is never too late.

How can prevent sagging skin?

• Need to lose weight gradually! It is clear that a woman wants to be slim not "once", in the vast future, and today, tomorrow or, at least, a month. However, disappear extra pounds should also slow as they appeared. Nutritionists recommend to dump more than 0,5 - 1 kg per week. Firstly, there are problems with the skin, and secondly so reached the extreme by the results differ by extreme instability. The pounds come back immediately and perhaps even to excess.

• Do not adhere to the "hard" diets. It is those women who lose weight due to the restrictions on food, sagging skin is manifested most strongly.

• With each meal should eat foods rich in protein, such as cottage cheese, lean meats, fish, poultry, etc.

• About low-fat diet is also better to forget. Effects disadvantages of fats (which is less than 30 grams per day) - dryness and inelastic skin. However fats fats strife: select useful, unsaturated lipids, which are rich in vegetable oils, nuts, fish.

• To the "Holy place" was not empty, the body fat should "draw" on muscle mass. Will do strength exercises (using lightweight dumbbells or trainers). To maintain muscles and the skin in problem areas in good shape, we should start to do exercises, to do fitness or Jogging. In addition, it is advisable to go to the gym or fitness club once or twice a week.

• Drink enough fluids, it will help to maintain the water balance of the skin, giving it elasticity.

• To stimulate blood circulation and it's good cold shower or a contrast, and for removal from the body of harmful toxins useful hot baths with sea salt.

• It is useful to do and peeling with the help of scrubs (store-bought or homemade - no matter). It will help to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new social groups. This procedure can be performed in a day or even every day.

• After peeling the skin needs nourishment and hydration. For this select the respective cream, you can also use special lotions or tightening means.

• To prevent the sagging skin and beauty treatments, for example, pack or massage.