Elastos senile

Elastos old - one of the types of skin atrophy, developing due to degeneration of elastic and collagen fibers.
The development of senile elastosis promotes long-term stay in the open air (in the wind, in the sun). On the face, back of the neck, in the open areas of the upper extremities appear, at first blush, and then pigmentation, skin dryness, deep furrows and wrinkles gradually leads to irreversible skin atrophy.
Such changes often called "the skin of seafarers", "the skin of peasants". Often the keratoses (see) and senile keratosis (see Keratome senile), sometimes turned into skin cancer.
From prevention to protection needed exposed skin from prolonged sun exposure, wind and injuries. Naruzhno - cream Uns, peach oil, creams with vitamin A.

Elastos senile, colloidal atrophy [Daria (J. Darier)] - or degenerative dystrophic form of senile atrophy of the skin.
In the development of senile elastosis, in addition to individual characteristics play an important role by external factors: excessive exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet rays), wind, humidity, cold.
Clinically senile elastosis skin open areas (face, neck, back of hands) a rough, rough, diffuse thickened, thick, dry, wrinkled, first red, then brightly pigmented, slightly scaly. Meet telangiectasias. Frequent senile keratosis, prone to malignancy. Options senile elastosis is "the skin of seafarers, farmers, builders, highlanders, cabs".
Histologically: Hyper - and parakeratosis, some smoothness of papillae; in the upper layers of the dermis dense aggregations of basophilic fibers foldable into compact beams, balls and even a homogeneous film of 1 mm thickness, splits into glybki and grain. They are painted with oreina (not painted after treatment with trypsin, solvent collagen). The main value of degenerative changes of collagen in the pathogenesis of senile elastosis is proved by electron microscopy and diffraction of x-rays. Unlike pseudoxanthoma elastic (see), senile elastosis material that is painted on elastic fabric, is located more than superficially in papillary and partly in mesh layers, representing a dense mass, not individual balls; its color on calcium senile elastosis negative (U. F. lever).
Treatment: preventive measures can delay skin aging; it is recommended that protection against environmental hazards, drugs arsenic, vitamins a, E, baths (28-29 degrees), especially carbon dioxide, paraffin baths, sunscreen and a softening creams. Cm. also Atrophy of the skin.