Electroconvulsive therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy (synonym: electroconvulsive therapy, electrical shock) is a method of treatment of mental disorders by means of seizures caused by irritation of the brain electrical shock, a certain power and voltage. The electric current is passed through imposed on the head of the patient electrodes.
Electroconvulsive therapy is used for certain psychiatric diseases - protracted depression resistant to the action of psychotropic drugs, in malignant form of the involutionary melancholy (see Predtechenskii psychosis).
To prevent possible during the convulsions of dislocations and fractures electroconvulsive therapy should be after injection of curariform drugs (for example, ditilin)that cause the patient muscle relaxation.

Electroconvulsive therapy (synonym: electroshock, electroconvulsive therapy) is a method of treatment of mental disorders artificially induced seizures by irritation of the brain dosed discharge of electricity through imposed on the head of the electrodes. Used with persistent protracted depression and other psychotic conditions, resistant to psychopharmacological agents. Conducting electroconvulsive therapy is associated with complications, among which the most common disorder of memory, sprains and broken bones. To prevent complications in recent years, electroconvulsive therapy is carried out on the background of the relaxation caused by substances curariform actions (ditilin etc).