Electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is electromagnetic fields, extending in space with a finite velocity (about 300 000 km in 1 sec.). Electromagnetic radiation originating from the celestial bodies and the Earth, occur when the electrical discharges in the atmosphere, when the interaction of the magnetic field of the Earth with ionized layers of the atmosphere, etc., All life on Earth evolutionary developed and adapted to the conditions of influence of natural electromagnetic background. The rapid development of radio electronics, wide implementation of it in almost all sectors of the economy and military Affairs has led to the fact that in some cases the intensity of electromagnetic fields on living organism has exceeded natural background. Besides, there are artificial frequency radio waves to which a living organism was not suited.
Just wide of the electromagnetic spectrum, there are three main bands.

Classification of the electromagnetic spectrum

Radio waves:
long (LW), middle (SW), short (KB),
ultra-short waves (UHF)
microwave: (microwave)
(UHF, cm,
Optical range:
infrared rays
visible rays
ultraviolet rays
Ionizing radiation:
gamma rays
The biological effect of optical diapasone and ionizing radiation - see Gamma radiation, Infrared radiation, Lasers, X-rays, Ultraviolet radiation.