Electroepitaxy (electric fever) is a method of treatment artificial fever caused by the common effects on the body of the electric field of ultra-high frequency (EP UHF) or high-frequency magnetic field - inductorami.
With proper procedure electroepitaxy safe for the patient does not cause a surge of cardiovascular and heat regulation systems.
As a result of absorption by the body tissues energy EP UHF or high-frequency magnetic field is increased body temperature (up to 38 - 40 degrees), breathing becomes more frequent (up to 24 in 1 min) and pulse (up to 100-120 beats per 1 min), improves the functional state of the nervous and endocrine systems, can decrease blood pressure, improves blood circulation, increases the number of functioning capillaries, increases metabolism, there is abundant sweating (up 1-4 l during one procedure), temporarily decreases the body weight of the patient and others
Indications and contraindications to the use electroprecizia the same as for hyperthermia (see); in addition, electroerection used in bronchial asthma and initial stages of multiple sclerosis.
Electroerection carried out with the help of stationary apparatus UHF-300", "Screen 1" and "DQC-2". Bare patient covered with sheets put on wooden cot with mattress, which laid the cloth and bed sheet, bed sheet change as soaking then. On the couch establish a wooden frame and cover it with blankets, leaving the head of the patient's open; at a distance of 40-50 cm from head placed a Desk fan. When exposed EP UHF under the couch at a distance of 10 cm from the patient's body in the chest and lumbar-sacral region establish two capacitor plates in the size of 40 X 50 cm When applying inductothermy (apparatus "DQC-2") cable in the form of a loop laid on the couch under a mattress respectively the back and legs of the patient, plates, like the cable that is attached to the respective machines. During the procedure, measure rectal temperature, blood pressure, consider a pulse and breathing every 10-15 min. Speed increase body temperature of 0.4-0.5 degree every 15 minutes For achieving the assigned temperature of the device is switched off at 15-30 minutes, reduce rectal temperature of 0.5-0.7° it again and include such fractional-power support the body temperature at the assigned level. Depending on the individual patient, the disease form used medium (temperature of 38 degrees, the procedure time 1,5-2 hours) and intensive (temperature up to 40 degrees, the procedure 4, and sometimes 6 hours.) dose electroepitaxy.
In connection with large loss of fluid during electroprecizia patients give sweet tea, broth, salt water or various juices. After the procedure the patient for 2-3 hours put in a dry, warm bed. Repeat electroerection in 2-5 days, the course of treatment is 5-12 procedures. Electroerection used as an independent type of treatment or if indicated in combination with medication.

Electroepitaxy - method invocations, artificial fever electric field UHF. Fever when electroprecizia occurs due to a significant increase in metabolic processes, transition absorbed by body tissues energy of the electric field UHF into heat energy and artificial limitation of heat transfer. When using a magnetic field method is called inductoforesis.
Electroepitaxy is the best method of pyrotherapy (see). It is safe for the patient at the correct procedure; not related to the primary effects of intoxication and severe shock reactions; allows you to control the degree and rate of temperature rise, duration, frequency, and number of procedures (febrile seizures).
Characteristic features of the so-called febrile seizure caused by electroprecizia: the rise of temperature in the first few minutes after summing up to the patient electric or magnetic field, no overvoltage cardiovascular and thermoregulatory systems (with proper dosage) during febrile reactions, political reduced body temperature up to subfebrile figures for the first 2-3 hours after switching off the electric or magnetic field.
Physiological reactions when electroprecizia develop due to primary physical and chemical processes occurring in tissues in the energy absorption of electromagnetic oscillations. In the tissues of endogenous formed warmth, there is structural and ion polarization, several changes, the structure of molecules, mostly protein. Under the influence electroprecizia significantly changed the functional state of the nervous system, increases overall body temperature (up to 38-40 degrees when necessary and to the higher digits); frequent breathing (up to 24 in 1 min) and pulse (for 6-8, and sometimes more beats per 1 min. each degree increase in body temperature); lowers blood pressure, improves circulation by expanding blood vessels, increase blood flow and increase the number of functioning capillaries, increases the permeability gistogematicalkie and the blood-brain barriers, increased metabolism, increased sweating (during one procedure is allocated from 1 to 4 l of perspiration), decreased by 1-2 kg of body weight due to the selection of the note (recovering in the first 1-2 days after electroprecizia), there is a thirst.
Incorrect dosing, i.e. when a dose is not adequate to the state of reactivity patient may experience adverse reactions: pale skin around the mouth, cyanosis of the skin, increased heart rate up to 160 or more beats per 1 min., a decrease in systolic blood pressure below 60 mm RT. century, the rhythm of breathing cessation of sweating, muscle cramps person or twitching fingers. The appearance of one of these symptoms require immediate cessation electroepitaxy.
Indications and contraindications to the use electroprecizia the same as when hyperthermia; use it also in bronchial asthma and initial stages of multiple sclerosis; contraindicated if you are hypersensitive electric field UHF.
Electroerection carried out with a help of apparatuses of UHF and HF: UHF-300, Screen-1, DKW-2. Bare patient is put on a wooden couch with a mattress covered with oilcloth and sheets. Under the couch establish two capacitor plates (sized 40x50 cm), and when inductorami under the thin mattress (1.5-2 cm) placed an inductor in the form of a loop. Patient cover sheets, which as soaking then change. On the couch establish a wooden frame and covered his blankets so that was open only the head of the patient (Fig.). Instead of the couch with a skeleton sometimes use special cabin with conditioned air. At a distance of 40-50 cm from head set table fan.
Metered procedure speed increase rectal temperature, duration and height of febrile seizure.
Depending on the individual patient and forms of the disease dose used medium (temperature of 38 degrees, the time of fever 1,5-2 hours.) and intensive (temperature 40 degrees, time fever 3-4, and sometimes 6 hours). The rate of increase rectal temperature for every 15 minutes of the procedure should not exceed 0.4 - 0.5 degree. Rapid temperature increase adverse reactions. Upon reaching the assigned temperature apparatus UHF or VHF 15-30 minutes
off, on the lower rectal temperature of 0.5-0.7° it again and include such fractional-power support the body temperature at the assigned level. Repeat electroerection 2-5, and sometimes 7 days; treatment electroprecizia is 5-12 procedures.
Electroerection used on the testimony alone or in combination with antibiotics, drugs arsenic and other