Electrosurgical instruments

Electrosurgical equipment is intended for carrying out surgical interventions with the help of high-frequency currents. The main part of electrosurgical instruments - elektronnoy generator UDL-350 or UDL-200 (see Diathermy)to which is attached a special set (Fig): operating or active electrodes, insulating pen-holder for the electrodes, cords coming from the pen of the electrode to the thermal machine, passive or indifferent electrode. To prevent accidents careful fulfillment of all conditions of operation of the equipment.electrosurgical tools

Set electrosurgical instruments: 1 electrode holder; 2 - electrodes Pugovkina; 3 - needle electrode; 4 - electrodes knife; 5 - electrodes loop; in - electrode ball; 7 - needle electrode with isolated elongated body.

All manipulations on the fabrics are made using the active electrodes with different shapes and sizes, specifying their purpose. Pointed electrodes in the form of blades and needles are used for dissection of tissues.
Electrodes with more extensive surfaces in the form of a cylinder, ball, drive serve for coagulation of tissue - in order to stop the bleeding and destruction of small tumors. The electrodes in the form of a loop to remove a tumor and other pathological formations of the bladder, larynx, the rectum.
Depending on the structures distinguish between mono - and biactive (single and double pole) electrosurgical methods. When monoactive active methods is only a small electrode, variously described above form. Second, passive (indifferent) electrode, large, in the form of a lead plate pribortovaya to the skin of the patient away from the surgical field (on the thigh, waist, legs). The passive electrode must be flush to the skin. To ensure good contact with the skin under the electrode enclose a cloth moistened with a saline solution. In the absence of good contact is possible not only burns the skin under the indifferent electrode, and education centers of clotting in the deep tissues in the way of current from the active electrode to passive. When biactive method apply two active electrode small area (not more than 1 cm2). They are superimposed on the fabric close to each other. The kit uaktywni electrodes are tweezers, electrodes for coagulation of the mucous membrane of tubular organs, electrocautery.
Convenient are electrononic representing two electrocautery, combined in one instrument.
Uaktywni more rational method, gives the chance to receive coagulation or cut with sharp edges. The passive electrode not applied, which eliminates the possibility of burns. The entire surface uaktywni electrodes (except the working surfaces are covered with insulation; parts, closed-cell insulation, you can touch fabrics.