Electrosleep (synonym Elektronnaya therapy) is a method of treatment based on the impact on the brain weak pulse current, causing a change in the state of the nervous system that is accompanied, as a rule, the onset of sleep. Use the rectangular pulse current constant direction with a pulse duration of 0.2-0.5 msec and a frequency of 1 to 150 Hz, the weak force (until the patient feel pulsations in the depth of the eye). These weak rhythmic cause irritation in the nerve cells of the cerebral cortex spilled braking - sleep and contribute to the restoration of their functional state.
Procedures electrosleep spend in a quiet, darkened room. The patient is laid on the couch. Two electrodes for galvanization placed on the area of the eye, connecting them to the cathode of the machine-sleep (ES W ES-2), and the other two electrodes - to the area of the mastoid processes of the temporal bone, connecting them with the anode.
Procedures electrosleep spend once a day or every other day for 30-40 minutes, often, once the patient sleep apparatus quietly off; caused by sleep not break, he continues to independent Wake of the patient. The course of 12-20 procedures.
Indications: neuro-psychiatric diseases asthenic and asteno-depressive nature, reactive States, traumatic encephalopathy, essential hypertension of the I and II degree, toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy, functional disorders of the nervous system (enuresis, stuttering, tics in children and others).
Contra-indications: hypertension III degree, stroke in history, acute inflammatory diseases of the eye, arachnoiditis, brain tumor, fever, severe mental illness.
Cm. also Dream, treatment of sleep.

Elektronnaya therapy - is a method of treatment of patients by affecting the brain weak pulse current, causing the sleep of different depth and duration.
When elektronnoi therapy electrodes are placed on the eye sockets (cathode) and mastoid processes of the temporal bone (anode). For elektronnoi therapy is applied current, consisting of a pulse constant polarity and the rectangular form, with a pulse duration of 0.3-0.5 msec and the frequency of their occurrence in the range from 1-2 up to 80-100 Hz (sometimes higher).
The pulse repetition rate set individually for each patient, consistent with the form of the disease, the initial functional state of the CNS effect, achieved at certain frequencies. The current is regulated individually by each procedure so that the thrill of current flow (separate taps, vibration or pressure in the depths of the sockets) are not reached disturbing the patient intensity.
The duration of the current 30 - 40 minutes to 1,5-2 hours. Caused by the action of a current of a dream goes on after the turnoff to the natural revival. The number of procedures per course of treatment from 12 to 16 to 25-30 depending on the effect. If necessary, conduct refresher courses.
As apparatus for elektronnoi therapy can be used any electronography or semiconductor generator that provides reception of the pulse current of the specified characteristics. Industry produces electronmolecule devices for elektronnoi therapy (Fig.).
Elektronnaya therapy is based on the doctrine I. P. Pavlova that after prolonged action of weak rhythmic irritation (in this case, current pulses) in the cells of the cerebral cortex is called a slowdown which, generalizes, captures congestive pathological focus, underlying the pathogenesis of the disease, and contributes to the restoration of the functional state of the affected nerve cells. Importance is also attached to the stimulating effect of current pulses on the vegetative-trophic subcortical centers-stem formations of the brain.
Elektronnaya therapy is indicated for the treatment of diseases in the pathogenesis of which is formation of stagnant foci excitation or inhibition in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, and the disruption of normal cortical-subcortical regulation somatic body functions.
Elektronnaya therapy used in the treatment of a number of nervous and mental diseases, mostly of neuroses and reactive state, various psychoses, personality disorder, as well as traumatic encephalopathy; diseases accompanied by insomnia, some neuropsychiatric disorders in children, in particular rheumatic small horei, enuresis, stuttering, various ticks, and so on
Elektronnaya therapy is also used in the treatment of patients with essential hypertension in IB, IIA and IIB stages; while toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy (network termination salivation, nausea, vomiting, improves mental state); hypertensive disease, early forms of atherosclerosis, stomach ulcers, obliterating endarteritis, eczema and neurodermite, in the postoperative period, etc.
Elektronnaya therapy refers to techniques gentle, conservative therapy and practically has no contraindications.

Apparatus "Electrosleep-1" (ES-1).