Electric shock treatment

Depending on the specific clinical picture of the patient should be applied appropriate treatment. Victims in a state of sudden excitement, should be given chloral hydrate in enemas.
To combat hypoxia, which develops in the first hours after the electric shock is applied oxygen therapy (see) or in an oxygen tent-like "red"or through a thin catheter is introduced through the nasal passage.
For reduction of headache shown dehydration funds; these include 40% glucose solution or 10% solution of sodium chloride in the amount of 7-10 ml With persistent headache, increased intracranial pressure, produce spinal puncture (see Lumbar puncture). The issued amount of cerebrospinal fluid in the first puncture should not exceed 5-7 ml, re 10-12 ml
Functional disorders of nervous system useful longer sleep (the patient was given phenobarbital, etaminala sodium, barbitala-sodium 0.05 g 2 times a day, bekhterevsky and Pavlovsk medicine), vitamins and, radon and coniferous baths.
First aid for electrical burns is to impose an aseptic bandage. Primary processing burn surface, the introduction of tetanus toxoid as necessary as in thermal burns (see). Painless electrical burns allows to process them more reliable method with the use of alcohol and the imposition of alcohol dressing. Patients with severe burns limbs, with pronounced symptoms of vascular and muscle spasms shown casing or car-sympathetic novocaine blockade, which can be repeated after 3 days. First ligation patients with electroorgan limb must be made on the next day after the injury to monitor the condition of the vessels and decide on further treatment.
Since the rejection of dead tissue at electroorgan is long, topical treatment should be aimed at the acceleration of these processes. For this purpose, with small burns rational to apply local or shared bath with potassium permanganate (pink solution), ultraviolet irradiation of the affected area, bandages with Vishnevsky ointment. These events burn surface prepare for surgery - replenishing skin grafting (see) the defect is not only the skin, but other soft tissues. Used free of skin plastics, plastic flap on the supply leg, cut near wounds and away from the wound, the stalk Filatova, combining different methods plastics.
Early (5-10 days) free plastic surgery of the skin defect after excision of electromag often ends with necrosis of transplanted graft. The best results are obtained if the same period, the wound to close local fabrics, but it is possible to do with electroorgan III degree, limited by space.
If the sick in the area of electromag includes tendons, nerves, bones, then it is better to operate in the period of complete purification of burn wounds from necrotic tissue and the formation of granulation.
Some kozhnoplasticescoy operations do not give a full recovery of the functions of the authority. Such patients need rehabilitation operations on the tendons, nerves, bones.