Elektrovozoremontnij and pain in the clinic dental diseases

The sensation of pain is not always adequate to the severity of the pathological process. The same is observed in diseases of the teeth. In some cases, even superficial caries can cause severe pain caused by chemical irritants, or limited sharp pulpitis can cause a painful attack of pain. On the other hand, and deep caries with pronounced changes in the pulp. And diffuse chronic pulpitis can remain completely silent for the patient. And only electroodontodiagnosis can give correct representation about a condition of the pulp.
It should also be remembered that in some cases, the disease pulp can be a reflex pain in different parts of the face (Zakharyin-Ged zone) in the absence of pain in the affected tooth. Patients seek help neurologists, otolaryngologist and very distrustful of the Council to go to the dentist.
Among the large number of patients seeking care about the pain of the person, certainly, there are those in whom they are due to diseases of the teeth or periodontal tissues. On the other hand, pain in the teeth can be a consequence of vnezapnogo hearth. How often still Trepanier or completely remove the teeth in patients with trigeminal neuralgia, while numerous studies of elektrovozoremontnij such patients showed that the teeth are absolutely blameless.
Research elektrovozoremontnij teeth was sent patient HP, 42 years of age, whose first clinical manifestation of syringobulbia (with bilateral lesions of the nuclei of the trigeminal nerve) had pain in the teeth, which occurs when eating solid food. Almost simultaneously in the left upper teeth began to hurt from the cold.
All these phenomena have long been explained by periodontal disease, which the patient really suffered. However, despite patient and persistent treatment, the pain increased. Some improvement has come only after you have installed the correct diagnosis and the patient was referred for radiotherapy.
Found this patient lower elektrovozoremontnij all without exception of the teeth, the reduction of all kinds of surface sensitivity throughout the mucous membranes of the oral cavity,- all this is not typical for periodontal disease. It is also interesting that the irrigation teeth cold or hot water did not cause any pain in the teeth. Ache arose as a result of irrigation with cold water massive sections of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.
Kind of picture we saw the patient X., 56 years. The only complaint it for several years have been a pain in left-wing, mainly upper teeth. When She appeared at the examination, on her upper jaw on the left remained only the first molar; the remaining teeth were at her insistence deleted because they "do not let her rest day nor night".
The study of elektrovozoremontnij remaining teeth and sensitivity of the mucous membrane gave grounds to suspect that the disease site is outside the mouth. The patient was back " dryness " (with the defeat of the kernel of the left of the trigeminal nerve).
Pain in teeth are observed and when sinusitis, when are involved in pathological process upper alveolar nerves, and they can be flat and radiating. In the first case will be a decrease in excitability of the relevant teeth and sensitivity of the corresponding part of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. In the second case, no changes on the part of excitability of the teeth and the sensitivity of the mucous membrane will not.