Elektrovozoremontnij teeth when cysts

Each practitioners know how hard it is sometimes when the cysts to determine which of teeth "guilty". Only electroodontodiagnosis can quickly and accurately answer this question.
Overgrown radicular cyst can compress the neurovascular bundle adjacent teeth, which entails a decrease in excitability. After removal of the cyst anxiety teeth or gradually, or sometimes immediately after the operation is restored.

Fig. 7. Radiography of the lower jaw. Cyst (L. R. Rubin).

Prof. A. I. Yevdokimov noted that even with very large radicular cysts lower jaw pathological phenomena from the lower alveolar nerve or its branches (chin nerve) never occurs. Our observations fully confirmed this. Not only lower alveolar or chin, but even gingival branches with radicular cysts do not suffer; affects only dental nerves.
In Fig. 7 shows the x-ray of the lower jaw on the left of the patient So, 46 years old, whose side sensitivity respectively the left lower alveolar nerve no deviations from the norm is not found, and the study of elektrovazhmash revealed a picture of reduction in all teeth except front: G1-2 ua, G2-6 MCA, G3-6 MCA, G4-15 MCA, G5-25 ICA, G6-0, G7-20 mA.