Elektrovozoremontnij teeth with parodontitis

The transition of the inflammatory process, pulp on top of the periodontal - a phenomenon that is practical doctor often in their daily work.
The study of elektrovozoremontnij teeth with periodontitis is twofold: 1) to determine whether to keep in root canals (especially in impassable) live pulp; 2) to determine the state of the periodontium.
To find out to what extent the presence or absence of live pulp in the root channel affects the condition of the periapical tissues, we (together with 3. A. Bushneva and I. I. Reinwald) investigated elektrovozoremontnij teeth with impassable root canals, patients about pulpitis by amputation. Most of them were diagnosed with chronic periodontitis". The study of elektrovozoremontnij was produced from the mouth of the root canal. The presence of live pulp was characterized by a reaction to current up to 100 mA, and the feeling of pain. With the complete destruction of the root pulp reaction appears on currents from 100 ICA and more, with feeling tactile (light kick, push).
These studies showed that in impassable canals often (up to 30%) is maintained for many years live pulp. In some cases this pulp very little or almost not changed. In such teeth periapical changes are absent (though we should specify that in a few cases we observed the lack of periapical changes in case of total loss of the root pulp). When expressed in lowering elektrovozoremontnij or its complete absence and periapical changes are pronounced.
Before you start treatment of periodontitis, you define elektrovozoremontnij root pulp and depending on the obtained results to plan treatment.
Electroodontodiagnosis allows you to define and periodontal health. Normal (from the point of view of the x-ray pictures) periodontal if irritation to the mouth of the root canal is responsible for currents from 100 to 200 mA. All teeth, where took place the periapical changes, periodontal responded only to the currents of more than 200 mA. Thus, the reaction of the tooth with the mouth of the root canal on currents from 100 to 200 MCA eliminates the presence of radiologically-defined changes in the apex of the root. These data were confirmed in studies of E. I. Lapidus (1972). The author before the removal of teeth to the destroyed crown was determined from the mouth of the canal elektrovozoremontnij. In periodontal teeth, which amperage up to 200 MCA did not respond, she always defined morphological changes.