Electroodontodiagnosis with injuries of the jaws and teeth

After the trauma of the jaws nevozmozhnosti teeth can be caused or damage appropriate alveolar nerve, or rupture of the neurovascular bundle tooth. The differential diagnosis, as we noted above, is no problem.
These patients should be carefully investigated all the teeth. Daily experience shows that in some cases the pulp necrosis may be asymptomatic. Such teeth sometimes over very long time become a source of unpleasant complications. All teeth, which is determined by the absence or decrease in excitability, must be brought under control. Experience shows that anxiety after appropriate treatment can fully or partially recover, and pulp can be stored. So trepanation teeth one should not hurry. However, not uncommon When anxiety is not restored or gradually falling, completely disappears.
Patient b, 20 years old, came to the Moscow medical stomatological Institute about swelling of the upper lip. From an anamnesis it is established that 1.5 months ago, he received a strong blow on the chin, then within a few days remained mild pain in the upper and lower front teeth. Gradually, they became quiet.
At survey found: |6 deleted, 6/6 on the chewing surfaces of small fillings. The remaining teeth intact.
Research data of elektrovozoremontnij - 200 mA, |2 - 4 ICA, |3-13 MCA, |4 - 20 mA, |5 - 20 mA, |6-17 MCA, |7 - 10 m, |7-1| - norm, 7-1|1-3 - norm |4 - 23 ICA, |5 - 50 microampere, | 7 - 30 mkA,
In |1 came necrosis pulp, in a number of other left teeth marks a decrease in excitability.
Patient M, 29 years old; Central incisors are preparing for artificial crown.
Research data of elektrovozoremontnij to preparation: |1 - 2 ua, |1 - 2 ua, immediately after preparation; 1| - 6 MCA, |1 - 3 of the MCA.
The patient was asked to be 3 days. Appeared in the orthopedic Department in a month.
Research data of elektrovozoremontnij: 1|-220 MCA, |1 - 170 mA.
In both teeth came necrosis pulp.
Before imposing an artificial crown on the prepared tooth, it is necessary to check its elektrovozoremontnij. This will prevent a number of complications, as the orthopedist will know, in what cases the tooth should be Traunreut and in which the pulp can be stored.
A very important role electroodontodiagnosis fractures root. If okoloserdecna part of the root pulp remained alive (and it can be set only by examining elektrovozoremontnij), with the right treatment you can expect fusion of fragments. You only need to remember that the x-ray line of the fracture, despite the availability of corn, always clearly visible. The reason is that the salinity in the place of the fracture less pronounced. This phenomenon is often a source of errors; the doctor resort to unnecessary treatment, up to remove these teeth. In cases where the pulp in the root canal is completely destroyed, accretion of fragments, of course, is not expected. To save the tooth have to resort to the metal pin.