Elephantiasis lower limbs and genitals.

Elephantiasis (synonym elephantiasis) is a chronic disease, which is manifested in irreversible progressive increase in the volume of individual parts of the body due to thickening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
Elephantiasis develops, usually as a result of chronic inflammation of the lymph nodes and vessels and associated lymph. When elephantiasis most often affects the lower limbs, external genitals (Fig.); at least - upper extremity. Face, neck, Breasts are affected very rarely.
Elephantiasis occurs as a complication of recurrent inflammatory skin diseases (faces, lupus, infected ulcers Shin and others), as a manifestation of the inguinal lymphogranulomatosis, after removal of the lymph nodes, and chronic thrombophlebitis with venous congestion; there elephantiasis and when nematodes.
Initially, the affected part of the body appears pronounced doughy swelling, then the skin gradually hardens, becoming strained, not going into the fold, drawing her smoother. The skin may occur bubbles filled with lymph. They are easily burst, flowing from them lymph causes skin irritation. Then there are warty, stockopedia expansion, infektsii. Affected areas of the body sharply thicken lose their contours and shape; easily cracks occur, often with foul-smelling discharge. The General condition of patients is not broken.
The forecast is favorable for life.
Treatment. Conservative treatment is ineffective; apply pressure zinc-gelatin and paraffin bandages, thermal treatments, mud therapy, physiotherapy. The main treatment is surgery (excision of pathologically changed tissues, followed skin grafting).
Prevention: a thorough treatment of all inflammatory processes.