Nathan Vladimirovich Elshtein

Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor N. Century Elshtein - chief therapist of the Ministry of health of the Estonian SSR. As a Clinician, he headed one of the departments of the Institute of experimental and clinical medicine of Ministry of health of the ESSR. Author of over 250 scientific publications, including widely known monographs. For practical and organizational work he was awarded the honorary title of the honored doctor of the Republic, for scientific research is the title of laureate of the State prize of the ESSR.
N. Century Elshtein pays much attention to popularization of medical science. He is the author of over 200 scientific articles and brochures and books, in which a special place is occupied with the problems of interrelations between doctors and patients in conditions of scientific-technical revolution.
N. Century Elshtein is one of the initiators of the problem of medical ethics and dietologii in our periodicals.