Embryology is biomedical science that studies the development of the embryo in the mother's body or in the shells of the eggs. The subject of embryology is also the study of the regularities of separation of sex cells, their development (prezentasiya stage) and transformation of the larvae of animals with indirect type of development (the post-embryonic stages). With regard to human embryology examines individual prenatal development of the human body (see Embryo). It examines changes in the structure of the tissues, the establishment of functions and pathological deviations in the development of the embryo.
There is General embryology, studying the laws of individual development of all animals, embryos; private embryology, exploring the embryonic ontogenesis separate groups of animals; experimental embryology, a crucial problems of the artificial interference in the course of individual development of animals, and comparative and evolutionary embryology, method is the comparison of embryonic morphogenesis in different groups of animals that helps the understanding of the laws of development of the human body.