Emmetropia is normal refraction of the eye. In this refraction of light rays entering the eye after refraction focused on the retina. The emmetropia called proportionate to the refraction of the eye (see), in contrast myopia (see) and hyperopia (see), which are disproportionate to refraction, or the so-called refractive error (see).
If emmetropia observed usually high visual acuity: 1,0 and more. A further point of clear vision with emmetropia infinity, i.e., people see well into the distance; good vision at near at the expense of accommodation of the eye (see). Difficulties working at a close distance appear in people with emmetropic refraction only for age-bad accommodation 40-45 years (see Presbyopia).

Emmetropia (from the Greek. emmetros - proportionate and ops - eye) is one of the types of clinical refraction of the eye, in which parallel beams of light, penetrating eyes, after they refraction agree focus on netted shell eyes; consequently on the retina a sharp image under consideration of the subject, which is one of the obligatory conditions of high view. The emmetropia called normal refraction, unlike abnormal, i.e. myopia (see) and hyperopia (SR.). As parallel rays coming from infinity, eyes emmetrop well adapted to the vision of remote objects, and so-called further point clear view when emmetropia infinity. But emmetropic eye usually sees well and close located subjects that is effective accommodation of the eye (see). As the volume of accommodation great (which is usually at a young age), a good range of vision with emmetropia is quite large, namely, from infinity to the so-called nearest point of clear vision (determined by the maximum stress accommodation), lying at a distance of only a few inches in front of the eye.
Diagnosis of emmetropia put or objective way (through skiaskopia or with the help of special devices - refractometers)or subjective method in the process of study of visual acuity and applying appropriate glasses.
Visual acuity at emmetropia is generally high (1.0 and even higher). Blurred vision when viewed close subjects under emmetropia occur only when with age considerably weakens the accommodation that is often celebrated for the first time in 40-45 years (see Presbyopia); then read the letter you want to assign points.