The patch

Patch (Emplastrum) is a pharmaceutical form used only externally. The patch at room temperature has usually dense texture, as if the body temperature is softened, but does not melt and becomes sticky, firmly adheres to the skin and does not irritate her. In the patch can log lead salts of fatty acids, fats, wax, resin, resin, wax, etc. and active pharmaceutical substances (for example, salicylic acid, mercury, Akrikhin). Their purpose P. divided into: 1) epidermoidnyi used to protect affected skin from dust, dirt, infection, to close skin defects, convergence edges of the RAS, protection of the skin from damage, strengthening bandages, etc. (adhesive tape); 2) internationa containing medicinal substances that have a local impact on the patient's skin (plasters, epilinovy patch); 3) diadermine, having in its composition of substances with a resorptive effect (mercury patch). The patch also includes adhesives and varnishes, forming after drying dense protective film. Action P. acts like ointments, but due to the large sealing plaster faster and stronger warms the skin loosens the corneal layer, increasing the skin vessels and thereby promotes deeper action medicinal substances included in its composition. Produce patches for pharmaceutical plants.

Patch (lat. emplastrum) is a pharmaceutical form for external use with a dense consistency at room temperature. P. melts or melts at body temperature and firmly adheres to the skin. Produce P. pharmaceutical factories. Some patches can prepare and pharmacies. Part P. includes a variety of substances: lead salts of fatty acids, fats, wax, resin and rubber, paraffin and other Often these substances add medicines with a specific action. Medical purpose P. divided into: 1) epidermoidnyi used to strengthen bandages, closing skin defects (plaster), or Ii. that medicinal substances which have a local action (corn P.); 2) diadermine, which include substances with resorptive effect (for example, mercury patch); now rarely used. To P. include skin adhesives and varnishes, forming after evaporation of elastic film (collodion, cleal, Kolotilina, glue BF-6 and others).