Empyema is a collection of pus in a body cavity (e.g., blood), or in the hollow body (gall bladder, vermiform process). Empyema arises from a purulent inflammation in the body and violations drainage of pus from the cavity. Symptoms of empyema depend on the localization process.
Cm. also, Inflammation, Urinary bladder, Pleurisy.

Empyema (from the Greek. an empyema - ulcer) - accumulation of pus on any body cavity or hollow organ in the purulent inflammation of the walls of the cavity or organ, such as empyema, joint. In hollow organs when purulent inflammation empyema occurs as a result of violations drainage of pus from their cavity. Such, for example, empiema gall bladder, the vermiform process, renal pelvis when hardening out of them inflammatory infiltrate, swollen mucous membranes, any body (for example, excrement in the cavity of the vermiform process). Clinic - see articles about individual bodies. Cm. the Inflammation.