Endarteriit (from the Greek. endon - inside of artery - artery - is an inflammation of the inner lining of an artery.
Usually, endarteritis understand the growth of the inner lining artery by type of granulation neoplasms of connective tissue with subsequent partial or complete obliteration of the vessel lumen. From the point of view it was studied endarteritis not always inflammation, and this term is sometimes referred to as the adaptation intimal hyperplasia with long-term off artery from the bloodstream, organized a blood clot and other
True endarteritis is often the element of infectious allergic vasculitis (see), damaging or all the layers of the wall of an artery or mainly intima. In these cases, the inflammation in an intim, characterized by infiltration of its various inflammatory cells number, often complemented by a blood clot.
Productive disease develops, as a rule, in the centers of all chronic inflammation (tuberculosis, syphilis and other etiology, and in the bottom of stomach ulcers and so on)without any specific morphological features. A. I. Apricots, considers such disease as a derivative local sensitization of the vascular wall products inflammatory response. The specific etiology of the disease sometimes gets morphological display. For example, when endarteritis tubercular etiology in the background non-specific granulation tissue can be detected TB granuloma.
A special kind of disease is the so-called obliterating endarteritis is one of the morphological bases of disease of the same name.