Prevention of obliterating endarteritis

Prevention of obliterating endarteritis includes the removal of all stimuli that cause spasm of the vessels, use of instruments and methods that contribute to decrease of vascular tone, the expansion of peripheral vessels limbs, increase in blood flow. It is necessary to observe the elementary hygienic requirements. Contraindicated long stay in a cold or hot, but a damp climate, it is necessary to recommend the patient to always keep your feet warm, protected from moisture.
Smoking should be prohibited. It is necessary to protect the feet from minor injuries, it is necessary that people enjoy comfortable footwear made on the leg, which protects against wear and calluses. The patient must monitor the condition of the skin on the foot and in the interdigital folds; it is recommended for daily washing of the feet warm at night with soap and water, followed by smearing vaseline or oily substances, and when sweating feet - with rubbing alcohol, Cologne. It is necessary to protect the patient from nerve irritation and mental injuries. Important preventive measure is the establishment of a rational dietary regime, rich in vitamins, with a limit fatty foods. Patient obliterating endarteritis should be medical supervision, with the exacerbation of the disease, patients should be aimed at in-patient treatment.
All this applies especially to patients who had already lost one limb due obliterating endarteritis, even in those cases when the other extremity there was no sign of defeat.