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The these anomalies is deeper than normal, the position of the eyeball in the eye socket. The cause of these anomalies can be severe injury fractures of the eye socket subsequent atrophy ophthalmic fatty tissue, or lesion of the Central sympathetic ways and violation of the sympathetic innervation eyes (see Horner syndrome). Seeming these anomalies can be observed in the reduction of the eyeball and in congenital microphthalmos.

These anomalies are the (enophthalmus; from the Greek. en - in, inside and ophthalmos - eye) - deeper than normal, the position of the eyeball in the eye socket; status opposite exophthalmos (see). The these anomalies may occur when severe injury to the eye with education in her bones cracks or defects, which falls in the soft tissue of the eye socket. The last, because in the future the fibroid shrinkage, form scar cords between the bone wall socket and the eyeball, which also contributes to the development of these anomalies (Fig.).

traumatic these anomalies
Left-traumatic these anomalies.

At the same time deeply involved orbital-palpebrata furrow century, there ptosis, limited mobility of the eyes and may affect the vision. The these anomalies is also one of the components of the syndrome of Horner (see Horner syndrome), developing in this case due to atrophy of soft tissue of the eye socket, along with other degenerative phenomena (half atrophy persons, graying of hair, eyelashes etc), based on the defeat of the sympathetic innervation. The these anomalies are observed, in addition, with debilitating diseases (cholera, etc.). Seeming these anomalies are observed in the reduction of the eyeball.