Entomology is the section of Zoology, devoted to the study of insects from their systematics, evolution, morphology, physiology, etc.,
Applied entomology is divided into:
1) agricultural entomology (studies of insects that are harmful or beneficial to agriculture, especially to plants);
2) veterinary entomology (studies of livestock pests and vectors of diseases of animals); 3) medical entomology (studies pests health - parasite- vectors of pathogens of infectious and invasive diseases and others). Special attention is given to development of methods of prophylaxis and fight against harmful insects, including complexes of biological methods of struggle.
Recently in entomology outlined new directions. For example, one of them is connected with classical objects of research in entomology (insects as models in the study of laws of formation of biological communities (on the example of the life of the collective insects - the bees, ants, termites and other), and others Besides, prospectively using various insects, as well as methods of entomology at the solution of some problems of bionics ( see) and Cybernetics, genetics, etc.