Enucleation of the eye

Enucleation of the eye is the delete operation of the eyeball.
Enucleation of the eye is shown in traumatic iridotsiklite in case of threat sympathetic inflammation healthy eye, eye cancers, pain in the blinded eye. The operation is done usually under local anesthesia. Expanding dekoratsiyam eye slit, they cut the conjunctiva in Limba and usepreview it from the sclera (see the Eye); using the hook release each of direct muscles and cut them from the sclera; curved scissors entered for an eye, cross the optic nerve and remove the eyeball. On the operated eye impose a pressure bandage.
Nurse assists during the operation and in postoperative period produces bandages with dropping 30% of a solution sulfatsil-sodium.
After a week produce prosthetic eye.

Enucleation of the eye (enucleatio bulbi; lat. enucleare - extract the kernel) is an operation to remove the eyeball.
Indications: intraocular tumors, traumatic iridotsyklit with vision loss with the threat of sympathetic inflammation another healthy eyes, pain in blinded eye, etc.
The operation is contraindicated in anophthalmia (see) in order to avoid the spread of infection in the tissue of the eye and the brain.
Surgery in adults is done under local anesthesia in children under General anesthesia. Half an hour before the operation appoint teminal-sodium 0.1 g and diphenhydramine 0.05 g inside, under the skin type 1 ml of 1% solution of omnopon. In kongungualny bag buried 1% solution dikaina, retrobulbarno, administer 2 ml of 2% solution novokaina, under the conjunctiva of sclera and during the muscles - 4 ml of 1% solution novokaina. Widening dekoratsiyam eye slit and capturing tweezers conjunctiva sclera at the limbus, they cut it with scissors around the cornea. The conjunctiva and tenon's capsule usepreview from the sclera all round. The end of muscle hook imposed under the direct muscle tendon and cut them from the sclera, only internal (or external) direct arm of the cross is not the sclera, and few away from her, so that on the sclera remained a small piece of tendon, which is fixed with tweezers eye. Tightening eyes forward and having got into the wound inside (or outside) for the eyeball curved Cooper scissors with dense branches, grope their optic nerve (see figure); then the scissors several pull back, opening them again promote deep and covering branches optic nerve, cross it. Further, these scissors are crossing the sclera oblique muscles and removes the eye from the orbit.
Slight bleeding stopped swab moistened with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. On the wound conjunctiva impose 3-4 ketotofin seam, buried 30% solution sulfatsila and apply a pressure bandage.
Cosmetic purpose for creating mobile convex stump to a remote location eyeball place a piece of fat taken from the buttocks, or put spherical implant plastic; close it tenon's capsule and conjunctiva with stitches.

enucleation of the eye
Eye enucleation: 1 - the separation of the conjunctiva from the sclera; 2 - transection direct muscles; 3 - stretching eyes for the rest direct muscles and introduction of scissors to transection of the optic nerve.