Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence (incontinentia urinae) - involuntary expiration of urine out without the need to pass urine. Incontinence occurs in various diseases (urological, neurological, gynecological. There are absolute and relative (partial) and bedwetting. At the absolute incontinence of urine urine stays in the bladder, and constantly flows outside, which is one of the symptoms of total epispadias (see). and extrophy (splitting) of the bladder treated quickly. When the relative incontinence of urine urine excreted involuntarily only partially. Relative incontinence occurs more often in women due to birth injury sphincter or by the omission of the front wall of the vagina. Manifested urine when coughing, laughing, sneezing, physical stress. Surgical treatment is not always effective, and in extreme cases. The preferred therapeutic exercises, which often can lead to full recovery. Complexes of exercises are given the age and General condition of the patient, including in them the exercises General developmental and special exercises for the muscles of the pelvic floor (Fig. 1); exercises for the abdominal muscles and causes of the thigh muscles (Fig. 2); exercises for the back and abdominal muscles (Fig. 3); exercises for the abdominal muscles (Fig. 4) and exercises with the ball (Fig. 5).

exercises for incontinence in pictures
Fig. 1. Exercises for the muscles of the pelvic floor. 1 and 2 - breeding and knees when resistance hands; 3-to 5 - bending of the body with the procurement of arms stop; 6 - rolling on the buttocks from sitting position on his back.
exercises for incontinence in women
Fig. 4. Exercises for the abdominal muscles: 1-6 - flexion, extension, abstraction and bringing feet; 7 and 8 - lifting and rotation of the pelvis; 9 - mixing and dilution knees; 10 - lifting body with the support to the elbows.
exercise for incontinence
Fig. 3. Exercises for the back and abdominal muscles: 1-5 - flexion, extension, lead and cast down; 6 - 8 - raising and lowering of the pelvis; 9-11 - trunk extension.
exercise therapy for urinary incontinence
Fig. 2. Exercises for the abdominal muscles and causes of the thigh muscles: 1-6 - and tilt the trunk, closed knees; 7 and 8 - bending of the body in position on all fours; 9 and 10 - creep; 11 - extension; 12 - squat with divorced knees.

Fig. 5. Exercises with the ball: 1-9 - various movements of the legs standing up and lying down.
The lessons are conducted by 15-45 minutes every other day for 1-2 months under the supervision of a practitioner. At the same time conducting a course of vitamin therapy, prescribed a tonic, physiotherapy. In the future (if necessary) patients are engaged in physical therapy alone.
In diseases of the nervous system tumors, myelitis, pachymeningitis, syphilis, congenital defects, injuries) also found persistent or temporary relative incontinence. It appears often in the form of the so-called paradoxical istorii (urine, overflowing the bladder, causing dehiscence sphincter and stands out in drops).
The treatment will be subject to the underlying disease. Palliative means is the excretion of urine catheter or imposition suprapubic fistula. Relative incontinence occurs when the number of diseases and malformations (ectopia and fistulas of the ureter, fistulas bladder, urachus and so on); treatment only online.
Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) - involuntary urination during sleep. Occurs in 5-10% of children due to the time of functional changes in the Central nervous system and with age (after 12-16 years) usually stops. The causes are varied, therefore, each case requires individual approach. It is important from early childhood to bring up just a random act of urination, why is it necessary to encourage the child have to urinate at night, and if necessary to Wake him for that night. Not allowed to drink in the evening and especially at night. Sometimes at night, give a piece of herring or bread with salt, that water retention in the body tissues of the child, reducing the discharge of urine in the bladder. With the same purpose for the night give to inhale the powder adiuretin, which is antidiuretic tool (adiuretin contraindicated in respiratory diseases and nasal cavity of the nose). The purpose of vitamins, hypnotics, sedatives and tonics, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, hypnosis aid recovery. Belated treatment reduces the ability to quickly get rid of bedwetting.
Nighttime incontinence may occur when the cleft of the bows of the lumbar or sacral vertebrae (see Spina bifida). In this case, and in the afternoon patients are suffering increased (through 1-1 .5 hours) urination. Treatment includes procaine blockade, inegalitatii, occasionally - laminectomy (see). In rare cases, bedwetting is a consequence of urological diseases such as phimosis (see), cervical cystitis (see), etc., the cure of which leads to the disappearance of incontinence.