Epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis

Prevention. The main anti-epidemic event is the most early detection patient epidemic cerebrospinal M a patient in the cerebrospinal fluid obtained by lumbar puncture, in part of the cases are detected meningococci. After two hours of defending liquid or directly after centrifugation sludge paint methylene blue and gram. Inside the cells are characterized by gram-negative diplococci.
Patients hospitalized in special departments of hospitals or in isolated chambers and boxes. In the room where the patient conduct disinfection of the current (0.2% solution of bleach, hot water with soap and soda and other). Crockery boil for 1-2% a solution of soda. Linen soaked in 3% solution of bleach or Lysol. Operating personnel must wear surgical masks.
At occurrence of a disease epidemic cerebrospinal M in the children's team is imposed a seven-day quarantine on this group of children and staff. Of great practical importance maximum sparse children on separate premises, increased distance between Cribs (at least 75-100 cm), children on the beds in chessboard order, alternating head and foot ends of the beds, the separation of children into small groups, prolonged stay of children in the air. Premises continuously ventilated, in the warm season of the window must be open around the clock.
Detected during the inspection, the media immediately isolated from the team.
Specific prevention at epidemic cerebrospinal M not developed.