Epidermodysplasia warty

Epidermodysplasia warty (Epidermodysplasia verruciformis Lewandowsky-Lutz, Levandovsky - Lucca disease is a rare, often congenital skin disease of unknown etiology. Clinically characterized by symmetric (mainly on the limbs and the face) uzelkove rash, whose color varies from light pink, reddish to light yellow or normal skin; the form of nodules usually rounded; diameter of 0.2-1 see the Surface is smooth knots, sometimes covered with scales. Rash, located on the face, neck, torso, remind flat warts; nodules on the rear of the hands and feet - vulgar warts, they are more dense, much will stand above the surrounding skin. Along with generalized described limited forms warty epidermodysplasia. Papules on the hands and feet often merge, forming extensive plaques. Subjective sensations, usually absent.
Histologically: pronounced hyperkeratosis, acanthosis, vacuolization of granular cells, and to a lesser extent - cells of the corneal and maleyeva layers.
A long, without treatment, dozens of years, almost to the end of life. The forecast is favorable, the malignancy occurs rarely. Characteristic resistance to x-rays.
Treatment warty epidermodysplasia: surgical removal, diathermocoagulation, burning snow carbonic acid.