Athlete's extremely contagious disease of the skin. It is caused by fungi kind of epidermofitony and less - group rubrofitia. Athlete's foot is common in all countries of the world. Especially often it affects students and members of sports societies. So, at the University of California at 80% of students, members of sports clubs, found fungi of plicarum. Wide distribution of the disease contributes to the existence of latent infections and erased forms. Sometimes patients themselves do not know they are sick of athlete and thus are a source of infection.
The most severe outbreaks of plicarum observed in summer. Transmitted disease from patients through shoes, sneakers, infected Slippers, stockings, socks, sponges, pumice, towel. A significant number of people infected in the baths, showers, pools and beaches. We have registered cases of infection when using poorly or not disinfected instruments, scissors, corn knives, sponges, wool.
Are mostly adults, children athlete is a rare phenomenon. Contributing factors of infection are Hypo - and avitaminosis, diabetes, sweating stop, injuries, blisters, platypodia, uncomfortable tight constant wearing nylon, elastic stockings and socks, unhygienic content stop.
Wide dissemination of plicarum explained by the fact that the fungi that cause it, very rack and not die under normal conditions and even when exposed to certain chemicals.
According to laboratory tests, fungi "epidermofitony" can persist for years in dried skin flakes, months endure freezing and thawing at a temperature of 25 degrees and 18 degrees C, they are more resistant to other fungi warming and disinfectants. Fungi of plicarum were found on wet wooden lattices in baths, wooden benches, sandals, carpet, the walls of the shower, on the insoles, galoshes and skin soles, in the basins of fungi retain infectivity in the land, waste soapy water baths and showers, they were found even in the sand, taken on the beach.
Athlete's foot strikes, nails, inguinal folds, armpits, navel. There are several forms of the disease: squamous, disgidroticescoy, intertriginoznoy, athlete's nails of the feet and big folds, a keen athlete and other

A few words about another form of fungal diseases of the skin - rubrofitia, or the rubromycosis. It is caused by a fungus "red epidermofiton". Signs of the disease marked on the palms, soles, nails (as of the feet and hands), the skin of the buttocks, groin. Malovydne, dry desquamation on the lines of the skin is characteristic of rubrofitia ("skin floured"), Rubrofitia very contagious disease that is transmitted in the same ways as athlete's foot.
For the treatment of plicarum doctors use various bactericidal ointments, pastes and liquids.
Athlete's smooth skin cured relatively easy, it is much harder to treat patients nails.
It requires a lot of patience on the part of both the patient and the doctor.
First of all deleted infected with fungus nail plate. There are several methods: surgery, ointment, the appointment of the interior of antifungal drug, for example grizeofulvina.
After removal of diseased nail start treatment of nail bed and surrounding tissues. Without a thorough removal of diseased nail all treatment methods are of little use.
Prevention. Experience shows that the infection athlete, as already mentioned, most likely to occur in basins, showers, baths, beaches. From here quite a reasonable conclusion: it is necessary to adhere to a good first rugs, mats, carpet, on which barefoot are people. The use of wooden sandals are not always save the situation, they also found virulent fungus. You should not use someone else's shoes, socks, stockings.
Feet should be washed as often as possible, to regularly change socks and stockings, when sweating to engage in treatment. We must remember that fungi years can stay in leather shoes, sneakers and to preserve its viability. Disinfection of footwear can be done for the patient. Newsprint, Komkov, impregnate 20-40%-s ' solution of formalin and invest in shoes. The shoes are then wrapped with wax paper, placed into a plastic bag, tie and left for 48 hours. Then take out a newspaper and air shoes in 24-48 hours. Dirty lingerie, stockings, socks, sponges, sponges collected and is placed in a bag and boil for 10-15 minutes in 1-2%soap-soda solution. Bathing shoes dipped in 30 minutes in 5%-nyi the solution of bleach. Scales, peel from the feet shorn pieces of nails, bandages, cotton wool is placed in a separate bin, burn or pour 5%-s ' solution of Lysol for 2 hours.
After taking a bath or shower tub washed first with boiling water, then wipe 5%-s ' solution of Lysol or chloramine. Gang and a bench in the bath, before to use them, it is necessary several times to pour hot water. The floor of the room where there were fungal sick, wash with hot water and soap, then irrigate 5%-s ' solution of Lysol or the same solution of bleach. After water procedures must be wiped dry with all its wrinkles, as in a wet environment fungi easier multiply. After recovery in order to avoid recurrence of the patient needs within 1-2 months daily wipe interdigital intervals, inguinal folds vodka or alcohol.