Epileptic seizures

Large seizures are the most characteristic expression of epilepsy. Its development is frequently preceded by: General malaise, headaches, depressed mood lasting a few hours or days. The fit is often begins with a special precursors - aura - sudden-onset nausea, unaccountable fear or feeling of delight, olfactory or visual hallucinations, feeling the changes in the proportions of the body, pouring sweat and so on, During the aura of the patient does not perceive their environment, but the content of the aura has stored in its memory. Usually each patient encounter the same characteristic view of the aura. Sometimes attack is limited only to this disorder. More often the aura is followed by a convulsive phase of seizure (see Convulsions), followed by loss of consciousness. Because tonic contractions of all muscles of the patient falls, as knocked down, uttering shrill whine, cry or groan. In the fall, there are various injuries. Tonic contractions continue after the fall. Arms and legs are stretched, up slightly up, jaw tighten, teeth stickymouse. Stops breathing. A person first becomes pale, but in a moment the blue. It is often stated involuntary urination or defecation. Tonic convulsions last for 15-60 seconds. Then there are intermittent muscle limbs, neck, trunk - clonic convulsions, the frequency of which within 2-3 minutes gradually decreases, then there is muscle relaxation. During the clonic phase is marked wheezing, from the mouth of secreted saliva, often stained with blood from biting the tongue or the mucous membrane of the cheeks during the tonic phase. Cyanosis is gradually disappearing. Sometimes the patient immediately after the attack falls asleep; in other cases, the mind gradually becomes clear. About the seizure memory is not saved, although following a paroxysm fatigue, headaches, and pain in various parts of the body allows the patient to guess what happened to him. Large seizures may be limited only tonic or unexpressed and tonic clonic phase (abortive seizures, epileptiform seizures).
Small seizures (petit mal) - sudden loss of consciousness accompanied only clonic seizures of certain muscles. Seizure may be preceded by an aura. In the absence tonic seizures, patients, despite the loss of consciousness, not falling. During a seizure the patient falls silent, face pale, eyes stop. The seizure lasts moment - a few minutes. The recollection of it is missing.
Absent (off, no) - instant lasting seconds, disturbance of consciousness without convulsive component - patient suddenly stops, the person freezes, and then he continues the interrupted session.
Seizures Jackson (partial epileptic seizures are characterized by tonic or clonic convulsions one half of the body, beginning with the fingers or toes, seizures, povertyline eyeballs, head and torso to one side. Consciousness is lost only at the height of seizure in cases where seizures capture all groups of muscles and move to another part of your body. Seizures Jackson usually occur when Symptomatic epilepsy, if the lesion is localized in the temporal lobe or in the nearby areas.
Kozhevnikovsky epilepsy is manifested permanent or with minor interruptions clonic seizures muscle groups, occasionally growing and ending with large epileptic fit.