Diencephalic (vegetative) paroxysms

Diencephalic (vegetative) paroxysms are determined by the sudden onset of fever, pallor or reddening of the face, salivation, increased blood pressure, dizziness, noise in the ears, lacrimation. Usually accompanied by fear, anxiety, sometimes severe weakness. Last from several minutes up to 1-2 hours. Often end increase the urge to urination, defecation, occasionally feeling of hunger or thirst. About the fit, ill remember.
Some patients may experience only one type of stroke, such as large; at others - different. The frequency of epileptic States varies from one for many months and even years before their daily occurrence. Often multiple (serial) seizures occur after a certain period of time for one to several days.
When pripotocni conditions arise often and in between the patient does not have time to come to consciousness, talk about epileptic status. Most often, epileptic status occurs at large, but occasionally and in small epileptic fits. Status epilepticus can result in death due to edema of the lungs, the brain, the fall of cardiac activity.